Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spirit Moves

Welcome to my first blog.

I will include what the Spirit moves me to talk about. Sometimes, the content will be spiritual, in the conventional sense. On these occasions, the blog will indeed be a spirit-ual movement. On other occasions, whatever spirit moves me may seem decidedly un-spiritual. I may rant, vent, complain, or even whine a little. It will still be what I'm "moved" to say.

What moves me in a positive--even peak experience sort of--way? Certain scenes: kindness shown, a radiant sunrise or sunset, dolphin leap (dolphins doing anything), lovers hugging, the beach, a hot air balloon floating, multi-generational groups. Certain music: easy listening, a powerful ballad, an old hymn, a song with profound lyrics. Probably nothing unique to me. But, I hope many of my posts are inspirational and make your day a little better for having read them. Or at least, may they help you to ponder something in a new way.

I write. Fiction. Poetry. I'll share some of this, as well.

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