Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prayer and the Problem with Orgies

First, I've never participated in an orgy. Nor have I attended one, although I have dabbled in sociological research and am a member of that most noble group of voyeurs--writers.

From limited reading on the subject, it seems that focus of attention would be problematic in such endeavors. I think sex or lovemaking works best between two partners. In a group situation, how could either partner of a given pair concentrate on each other? Sounds and movement would distract. Inevitably Joe would sneak a peek to see if his ministrations measured up to Jim's. Barbara would want to know is she or Ethel were having the best time of it. Add to this, the questions of physical endowments, and the whole effect--rather than pleasure for self and partner--would be a blurring cacophany of sensations with all reduced to nothing of value.

So, I wonder if public prayer can escape some of the same drawbacks. As a worship leader intones aloud, how much does s/he attend to the Almighty and how much does s/he perform for the listeners? There are various kinds of prayers and a whole host of praying situations. Rightly, many public prayers can benefit the listeners.

Maybe, it's my introvertive bent that looks at prayer this way. But, I see it as similar to making love with God. This, we cannot do if we draw in an audience with "See how eloquently I can speak to the Almighty."

In the best of prayer times, we go nakedly to our Creator, and we merge spiritually. Our focus is on God. Only God can attend to all the petitioners at once.

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