Saturday, June 20, 2009

Peaking at Ruby's

We should eat at home more, but it seems we're often out at mealtime. This time, we decided to use a Ruby Tuesday coupon we'd received in the mail.

We hadn't eaten at this chain in a while, so the menu seemed fresh and brand new. (It may have been.) The room where we were seated was pretty quiet, with a few people speaking in friendly conversational tones. A feeling of well-being surronded me.

Music played nice, easy-listening standards. The food was good. Then, one of my favorite singers, Sarah MacLachlen, began to sing "I will remember you .... Will you remember me?" I felt tears well up inside me. If she'd sung "Angel," I think I would have lost it completely, become a blubbering wreck, and prompted patrons to call 911.

I don't know where all this emotion and rapture came from. I liken it to Maslow's peak experience. There have been periods during which I could almost conjure up these oceanic episodes of spritual oneness and fulfillment. I hadn't had such an experience for a while. I wondered what this meant--both the moments of supreme inner peace and their previous scarcity.

Perhaps, I'd been too preoccupied with the trivial or life's busy-ness. Perhaps, I'd forgotten spirit and had dwelled upon lack and defeat. It was as if this lesson was sent from spirit: Will you remember me?

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